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You Can upload Audio in YourElearning Portal. You Can Listen Audio, unscripted, unedited, each day. These lecture podcasts are primarily intended as a supplemental study resource for the class. For example, if a studentes missed a lecture because of illness or an off-campus trip (sports teams, etc.), they could listen to a recording of the lecture they missed while reading along with the class notes and get mostly caught up.

Many students have told me that they use the podcasts as study guides, listening to all or just part of a lecture again to go over material they didn’t quite get the first time through.

This can help later when studying for the Final as you can listen to lectures again from earlier in the quarter. Overall, students found them very useful, so I will do my best to get good-quality recordings of all lectures up on the web quickly.

Despite their name, you do not need an iPod to listen to a podcast. Any MP3 player, either a portable device or an MP3 audio application program running on your personal computer or laptop, will work just fine. I have listened to these recordings on my Windows XP computer using the iTunes and Windows.

Media Player software, and on a Linux system using a variety of MP3 players, including via Firefox, so you have plenty of options. However, beware: these podcasts are a supplement to the lectures, not a substitute for attending class regularly. This class uses a lot of graphics, and lectures often include physical demonstrations of key ideas. If all you do is listen to the audio portion, you’ll miss a lot of the key ideas from a lecture! The new technologies are wonderfully enabling.

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