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Live Video Streaming App Development

Live Classes is a unique project available to all secondary teachers and students. Teachers register their class and join a global classroom, meeting other groups from different parts of the world at the same live event.

Since Live Classes is an international project each lesson can only be joined by a maximum of 2 groups from the same country. This gives everyone an equal opportunity to enter the Pearson global classroom.

Join Live Classes

Live Classes is a unique global initiative that brings many opportunities and benefits to every teacher, student
and school attending.

As an teacher, you will:

  • Provide a unique learning experience to your students.
  • Innovate your teaching methods through this global project.
  • Receive support from an excellent teacher who will give your students a dynamic and highly-effective lesson.
  • Receive a E-learning edunika app & Live Classes Champion for your students

Your students will:

  • Gain a unique chance to enter an international class.
  • Have an opportunity to interact and learn with other teenagers from around the world.
  • Attend a class led in any subject by an excellent teacher with live.
  • Get extra opportunities to learn and practice the language

Your institution will:

  • Extra lessons are based on authentic edunika video footage and provide an insight into a culture-related topic.
  • Each Live Class is led online by an experienced teacher , and brings together around classes of students from across the globe for this motivating learning .
  • Receive A Live Classes Champion for your students

How to join the Live Classes in Edunika

Here are some simple steps you need to follow to join the project:

  • Necessary Your Website Secure ( .
  • First of All Login Teacher Panel (
  • Create Live Class Accrording to Subject.
  • Click on launch button.
  • Now Open
    Student Panel (
  • Click on Start button.

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